Payment #33 Completed

19/01/2019 has just sent Payment #33, covering blocks from 1347801-1357983 (63 blocks were mined...

Dividend Payment

Payment #32 Completed

12/01/2019 has just sent Payment #32, covering blocks from 1337475-1347800 (67 blocks were mined...

Dividend Payment

December 2018 Extraction Winner


Dear lessors, Block 1341885 has been mined and its signature is: 3wvGHz1MNyQz9bfQPcjBajwh9cB2e6NV...

Node News

December 2018 Extraction


Dear Lessors, apologies but the Tradisys Oracle stopped to work on 3rd January, therefore to extract...

Node News

Payment #31 Completed


How to win jackpot - Website - Telegram has just sent Payment #31 to lessors. WLL...

Dividend Payment

Payment #30 Completed


How to win jackpot - Website - Telegram has just sent Payment #30 to lessors, for bl...

Dividend Payment

December 2018 Extraction Participants List


Dear Lessors, here is the list of the Participants to the December 2018 Extraction. A random number ...

Node News

Payment #29 Completed


How to win jackpot - Website - Telegram has just sent Payment #29 to lessors, for bl...

Dividend Payment

Payment and WLLT richlist snapshot rescheduling


Dear Lessors, please be informed that due to personal errands, Payment #29 and snapshot of WLLT rich...

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Payment #28 Completed


How to win jackpot - Website - Telegram Lease to 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL waveslease....

Dividend Payment

Payment #27 Completed

01/12/2018 has just sent Payment #27 to lessors, for blocks 1276411-> 1286679 (52 Blocks mined)....

Dividend Payment

Moved WLLTs to Cold Wallet


Dear Lessors, please be aware that the majority of WLLTs has been moved to the cold wallet 3PCQiEJsE...

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Generating balance

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