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Waves FAQ: Leasing WAVES


Section: Leasing Waves When you lend your WAVES to a node, you can receive dividends in return. W...

Node News

Node Update: 17/02/2018


Dear Lessors, a quick update about the node. We have just released a functionality that allows you t...

Node News

Node Update: 15/02/2018


A quick update about the node status. We received some leases in the past days, cu...

Node News

Team invests in WAVES node stack


Team Lease Waves invests by adding 154.45 WAVES (bought at 5.2$) for a total of 803.14$ to node stac...

Node News

An introduction to Crypto ALT: WAVES


WAVES is a blockchain that helps you easily and economically construct customized blockchains, decen...

Node News

Team invests in WAVES node stack


Team Lease Waves converted a percentage of their websites January Revenues, adding 34 WAVES (bought ...

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease