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MRT Distribution Change

Published on 17/02/2019

WLLT is a waves asset that is distributed by node to his lessors for each mined block and represent the loyalty of a leaser to the node: the longer you keep your WAVES leased to the node, the more WLLT you will accumulate.

Please find some important changes about MRT Distribution and WLLT token.

WLLT Distribution

We have currently distributed 18.139 WLLTs. Distribution rate of WLLT token will remain fixed in 2019 and be equal to 20 WLLT per block mined.

The node currently has about 270K leased waves and is mining on average 50 blocks per week so we expect to distribute around 48.000 WLLT per year.

More MRT to WLLT Owners

In order to leverage lessors loyalty and increase WLLT value, starting from March 2019 will change the MRT fees distribution as follows:

In this way we give WLLT holders two options: they may decide to hold the tokens for receiving extra MRTs or to sell them on DEX. WLLT bought on DEX will be burned.

Buy Back and burn process

Every week, 20% of received MRT will be sold for WAVES and deposited in the WLLT treasury cold wallet: 3PCQiEJsERrUyrVV2551MNs4eSDAhgQg5e4.

Every month, a buy wall will be put on DEX in the market WAVES/WLLT. The WLLT bought by the node will be burned.