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Node Update: 02/03/2018

Published on 02/03/2018

Dear Lessors, a quick update about the node:


Stake and dividends

Total stack amounts to 26306 Today, team invested a % of managed website in WAVES bringing the TEAM stack to 1271 WAVES (4.8%).

We think that nodes should be profitable and we agree with this post from WavesGo, therefore we will change dividends percentage given to Lessors from 100% to 90% from next week.

If you leased your WAVES before 28th february 23:59:59 and have the assigned promo "February 2018 100% dividends lifetime" you will get 100% dividends for life for every WAVES you will lease. To verify if you have such a promo, go to here and insert your WAVES address.


Google Campaign for getting waves will stop on 3rd March. We will start a new campaign on