Image of article: Node Update: 17/02/2018

Node Update: 17/02/2018

Published on 17/02/2018

Dear Lessors, a quick update about the node. We have just released a functionality that allows you to check your leases actions: you can verify your leases actions by accessing the menu LEASES at site We will add the option to verify that your wallet has the 100% dividends for lifetime in the following days.

The payment script has been tested, the total fees for the one block we found are: 0.008 WAVES and 0.1 MER. You can find a preview of the current payments distribution (updated at today) here: please verify if anything is wrong. Some of you may not have a dividends because the lease needs 1000 blocks to be active.

Payments will be sent on 23rd February, let's hope to find other blocks :)