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Payment #10 Completed

Published on 07/07/2018 is a small node  that pays regularly. You can check payments proofs on the blockchain as well on our blog. Please lease to our node to improve WAVES network decentralization. has just sent Payment #10 to his lessors. In this payment period the node mined 10 blocks and distributed a total of 385,65 MRT (Mine Rewards),  3.63514588 WAVES (0.363514588 WAVES per block) with a total cost for the node of 0.056 WAVES.

Node profits (WAVES + assets) have ben sold and 1.32716397 WAVES have been reinvested in the node stack.

Additionally, we used a percentage of monthly income of the game Medieval Europe to buy 10.8853 WAVES, bringing the private stack leased to the node to a total of 1370.21 WAVES.

Leasing Tx:

Proof of payments:

Payment #11 will be sent on 21th July.

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