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Payment #14 Completed

Published on 31/08/2018 is a small node  that pays regularly. You can check payments proofs on the blockchain as well on our blog. Please lease to our node to improve WAVES network decentralization. has just sent Payment #14 to lessors for blocks from 1141391 to 1151143. In this payment period the node mined 60 blocks and distributed a total of 5.1912431 WAVES548.2 MRT (Miner Rewards) and 599.97907 WLLT (Waves Lease Loyalty Token) for a total fee of 0.09135 WAVES.

Proof of payments:

From next payment, the node will distribute payments as follows:


10% for node, 90% for lessors at payment time (1)

(1) Lessors with Promo 100% for life will receive 100% dividends of WAVES Fees.


10% for node, 70% for lessors at payment time, 20% to lessors that owns WLLT

Payment #15 will be sent on 7th September.

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease