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Payment #16 Completed

Published on 15/09/2018 has just sent Payment #16 to lessors, for blocks 1161482-> 1173331. In this payment period the node mined 53 blocks and distributed a total of 312.94 (220.18 to Lessors and 92.76 to WLLT Token Holders), 529.97 WLLT (Waves Lease Loyalty Token) and 8.172 WAVES.  

The node after the upgrade to v 0.14.4 forked, so we had to reimport twice the blockchain causing some downtime. We used this discontinuity to buy a more powerful server and move the node. The old server will act as a backup/failover and possibly testnet server that we will use to minimize the downtime while upgrading the next time.

Proof of payments:

Payment #17 will be sent on 22nd September.

Generating balance

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