Image of article: Payment #21 Completed

Payment #21 Completed

Published on 20/10/2018 has just sent Payment #21 to lessors, for blocks 1214163 -> 1223942. A total of 33.32 WAVES, 443.76 MRT + extra 0 MRT to WLLT holders, and 610 WLLT has been distributed.

For a mistake, the MRT have been sent with the following distribution:

90% to lessors, 0% to WLLT token holders

instead of

70% to lessors, 20% to WLLT token holders.

This will be corrected in the next payment (#22), by distributing MRT with the following distribution:

50% to lessors, 40% to WLLT token holders.

Proof of Payments:

Payment #22 will be sent on 27th October.