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Payment #61 Completed

Published on 03/08/2019

Dear WAVES Hodlers, Payment #61 has been sent. But before the details let us deliver an important message:

Maybe you don't know about the contest Games of Nodes. A node can win a lease from WAVES TEAM of 1mln, 600K or 300K WAVES without the need to distribute rewards to WAVES TEAM.

Well we are trying to win a prize by attracting leasers, so we raised the distribution rate of our token Waveslease Token x5, giving out 100 tokens instead of 20 per mined block (accordingly to your share) upto 21st September 2019.

What you will gain in leasing your WAVES to us in this period?

You will accumulate more Waveslease Tokens than usual! Because we buyback wavesleasetokens every week on DEX with half of node profit plus half of MRT, if we win a prize we will share 50% of the revenues with you by buying back your Waveslease tokens that you accumulated.

So what are you waiting for? Lease your WAVES now to address: 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL alias waveslease.

And now the payment details... has just sent Payment #61, covering blocks 1633820-1644041 (84 blocks mined).

  • 28.48536 WAVES have been distributed to lessors;
  • 5749.87690 WLLT have been distributed to lessors;
  • 2654.09728 WLLT (WAVES TEAM lease quota) have been burned.
  • 3.97427 WLLT have been distributed as referrer/referral bonus.
  • Weekly Buyback orders for a total of 41.56539 WAVES will be placed in the next days.

Payment #62 will be sent on 10th August.

[Investment Report]   [Buyback Report]

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