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Payment #95 Completed

Published on 28/03/2020

Node has just sent Payment #95 (78 Blocks Mined). We distributed to our lessors:

  • 433.84 $WAVES 
  • 1352 $WLT (of which 470 distributed to Club Top 100 Hodlers)
  • 1.9 Million $WBET (WavesBet)
  • 4840 $COF (Coffee Coin)
  • 3727 $PROMO (Promo Coin)

Up to now, over 1117 $WAVES have been leased back to node  (donating dividends to leasers) and 49060 $WLT have been burned.

We ended the partnership with Eco Polt Group and we started a partnership with ABOTrex. ABOTrex team donated 100.000 ABOT to the node: this makes the node eligible to receive trading profits every 15 days. What this means for our leasers?

  • leasers will receive weekly an airdrop of $ABOT token which we will buy from market;
  • every two weeks, 50% of trading profits in $ABOT will be airdropped to leasers and 50% of ABOT will be kept on the node to compound the investment.

More info on ABOTrex project here.

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