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Payment #99 Completed

Published on 25/04/2020

Node has just sent Payment #99 (72 Blocks Mined). We distributed to our lessors:

  • 399.29 $WAVES 
  • 813.45877 $WLT (of which 285 distributed to Club Top 100 Hodlers)
  • 1.9 Million $WBET (WavesBet)
  • 2492 $COF (Coffee Coin)
  • 2492 $ABOT

Up to now, over 1238 $WAVES of private stack have been leased back to node (dividends of this quote are sent to leasers) and 51019.11392 $WLT have been burned.

Important note on buying back and burning

From this payment, we started to buyback $WLT at 1 $WAVES. In order to create $WLT scarcity we will burn from the next payment an extra amount of $WLT 576 from public stack in addition to what we buy back from market. 

Payment Details

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease