Guess The Rate

Try to guess WAVES rate at a certain Blockchain height and win Waves Lease Tokens. Waves Lease Tokens are bought back every week.

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200 WLT
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0 Blocks
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No contest is currently running, bets are disabled.

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Contest Winner Waves Rate Waves Rate Height Prize
1 NONE 0.115 USD 0 WAVES
2 NONE 0.105 USD 0 WAVES
3 3PPCzX2doZ7agBNuGSKqjrbdXgGEtE7CpQ3 0.108 USD 1713009 22.70672415 WAVES
4 3PLmuaZN3MjUVZ1GwpqWGdjMrCiPwP9rPpi 0.085 USD 1755426 108 WLT
5 3P68gCSieen8u1TaLe8oH6ZTq7LPdpSzvK4 0.078 USD 1765410 117 WLT
6 3PPTmf6pAy85pqwSRpaGEzFG3ePdXqo9fBt 0.087 USD 1775698 141.075 WLT
7 3PErzsezWZVkMRT22Kb8CWgtDAV52EBw4HQ 0.091 USD 1785846 127.3 WLT
8 NONE 0.68 USD 1806254 0 WLT

In this DAPP you need guess WAVES rate against USD at a certain future blockchain height.

You can bet by specifying in this page how much WAVES/USD rate will be on a certain blockchain height. Each bet costs 1 WLT plus 0.005 WAVES. You can bet at most on 3 rates for each wallet. If you confirm the bet with WAVES KEEPER your bet will be recorded in a Smart Contract.

Betting on a rate

You will be able to bet on the rate upto 2880 blocks before the final height. For example, if the contest is to guess the WAVES/USD rate at height 1002880 you will be able to bet upto height 1000000. If another player did already bet on a certain rate, you won't be able to bet on that rate.

Finding the winner

A script checks every 5 minutes for blockchain height and when the height of End Contest is reached, will call a function that will query this WAVES/USD Oracle and find if is there a winner.


Each week, 100 WLT will be added to the DAPP Jackpot.

  • 95% of WLT Jackpot will be sent to the winner
  • 3% of WLT are sent as a Revenue Sharing to deemru, the creator of PHP WavesKit
  • 2% of WLT are sent to the WAVES/USD Oracle

If there is no winner, the prize will be brought forward to the next contest.

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease