Guess The Rate

Try to guess WAVES rate at a certain Blockchain height and win Waves Lease Tokens. Waves Lease Tokens are bought back every week.

Contest #
130 WLT
Bets ends in
5375 Blocks
Contest ends in
8255 Blocks
Contest Status
Contest Winner
Make your Bet
Input what you think the WAVES/USD rate will be. Use two decimals (ex: 1.23)
Contest Winner Waves Rate Waves Rate Height Prize
1 NONE 1.15 0 WAVES
2 NONE 1.05 0 WAVES
3 3PPCzX2doZ7agBNuGSKqjrbdXgGEtE7CpQ3 1.08 1713009 22.70672415 WAVES
4 3PLmuaZN3MjUVZ1GwpqWGdjMrCiPwP9rPpi 0.85 1755426 108 WLT

In this DAPP you need guess WAVES rate against USD at a certain future blockchain height.

You can bet by specifying in this page how much WAVES/USD rate will be on a certain blockchain height. Each bet costs 1 WLT plus 0.005 WAVES. You can bet at most on 5 rates for each wallet. If you confirm the bet with WAVES KEEPER your bet will be recorded in a Smart Contract.

Betting on a rate

You will be able to bet on the rate upto 2880 blocks before the final height. For example, if the contest is to guess the WAVES/USD rate at height 1002880 you will be able to bet upto height 1000000. If another player did already bet on a certain rate, you won't be able to bet on that rate.

Finding the winner

A script checks every 5 minutes for blockchain height and when the height of End Contest is reached, will call a function that will query the WAVES/USD Oracle and find if is there a winner.


Each week, 50 WLT will be added to the DAPP Jackpot.

  • 95% of WLT Jackpot will be sent to the winner
  • 4% of WLT are sent as a Revenue Sharing to deemru, the creator of PHP WavesKit
  • 1% of WLT are sent to the WAVES/USD Oracle creator

If there is no winner, the prize will be brought forward to the next contest.

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease