Node Fund

Waveslease Node Fund (at 28th August 2022) includes the following assets:

Since September 2022 and if BR < 1, WavesLease Pool will use 4% of Mining Profits to buy or mint $SURF in order to support $SURF price and BR (Neutrino Backing Ratio). When the Fund (stacking) dividends will reach an amount greater than 500 $USDN, the node will distribute them to eligible leasers (leasers with an active lease of at least 100 $WAVES at the time of distribution) up to 31st October 2022.

Growth of $SURF Fund will bring the following advantages for $SURF community and WavesLease leasers:

  • Constant Buy support for $SURF;
  • $SURF liquidity increased;
  • Additional revenue stream for leases greater than 100 $WAVES;
  • Increasing returns as the $SURF Fund grows.