WavesLease Pool will use 5% of Mining Profits and $NSBT stack dividends with the aim of building a $NSBT Stack at least of 500 $NSBT.

After the stack has reached 500 $NSBT, the node will start to distribute the dividends to wallets that have an active lease of at least 100 $WAVES for 7 days.

The constitution of this Stack will bring the following advantages for $NSBT community and WavesLease leasers:

  • Constant Buy support for $NSBT
  • $NSBT liquidity and scarcity increased
  • Additional revenue stream for leases greater than 100 $WAVES
  • Increasing returns as the $NSBT Fund grows


26/4: Node found a sponsorship that will contribute to increase the $NSBT fund with the dividends received by a 500 $NSBT stack.