Payment Engine

Waveslease Node distributes its mining rewards in the following way:

  • 90% goes to leasers (mix of $WAVES and $NSBT);
  • 5% goes to WLT Token holders;
  • 4% is reserved for NSBT Fund grow.
  • 1% is reserved for Node running costs.

90% to leasers and $NSBT Support

Waveslease supports $NSBT price by reserving a percentage of mining rewards and buying daily $NSBT at ASK price. The percentage of mining rewards used to buy $NSBT depends on how many $WAVES are leased to the node, thus the support is decided by WAVES community: NSBT Support

5% to WLT holders

WavesLease distributes daily 5% of its mining rewards to Waves Lease Token holders accordingly to owned quotas (1 Quota = 10 WavesLease Tokens).

You can purchase the coin on Waves.Exchange: go to trading section and search for id: CM8J4Z9HW3MdKgTxrpf3WYauXfjdu1zZKg19AGTicEYe and check here for Waves Lease Token Richlist.

4% for NSBT Fund Grow

Waveslease Node is currently increasing the NSBT Fund. Dividends of this fund will be shared with eligible leasers up to October 2022.


Lease to your node to receive rewards

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