Payment Engine

Waveslease Node distributes its mining rewards in the following way:

  • 90% goes to leasers (mix of $WAVES and $NSBT)
  • 5% goes to WLT Token holders
  • 5% is reserved for Node investments

90% to leasers and $NSBT Support

Waveslease supports $NSBT buy reserving a percentage of mining rewards and buy $NSBT at ASK price. The percentage of mining rewards used to buy $NSBT depends on how many $WAVES are leased to the node, thus, is decided by WAVES community: NSBT Support

5% to WLT holders

WavesLease distributes daily 5% of its mining rewards to Waves Lease Token holders accordingly to owned quotas (1 Quota = 10 WavesLease Tokens).

You can purchase the coin on Waves.Exchange: go to trading section and search for id: CM8J4Z9HW3MdKgTxrpf3WYauXfjdu1zZKg19AGTicEYe and check here for Waves Lease Token Richlist.

5% for Node Investing

Waveslease reserves 5% of mining rewards for Investments. Part of these investments profits may be shared at owner discretion and for limited period with leasers in Marketing Campaigns.

Current Campaigns

Waveslease Node is building a 500 NSBT Fund. Dividends of this fund will be shared with eligible leasers for one year starting from the date the fund reaches 500 $NSBT.

Eligible leasers are Early Birds (see Program) or leasers with a lease greater than 100 WAVES.


Lease to your node to receive rewards

How to stake