Waves Lease Token

Waves Lease Token is the official token of Waves Lease node and represents lessors loyalty to the node: a lessor will earn more Waves Lease Tokens the longer leases its WAVES to the node and the more WAVES he leases.


Waves Lease Token distribution

ID: CM8J4Z9HW3MdKgTxrpf3WYauXfjdu1zZKg19AGTicEYe

Decimals: 5

Name: Waves Lease Token

Reissuable: N

Token supply: 1.000.000

250.000 Tokens reserved for node

750.000 distributed to lessors


Waves Lease Token are stored on a cold wallet, address: 3PCQiEJsERrUyrVV2551MNs4eSDAhgQg5e4. Node address 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL will contains a minimum quantity of Waves Lease Token, needed tor distribution.

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n Waves Lease Token are exclusively distributed to our lessors for each node mined, accordingly to their share:

Received Waves Lease Token per Block = n * WAVESLEASED / TOTALWAVESLEASED

Quantity of distributed (*)  Waves Lease Token per mined block will change in 2019 as follows:

Q1 2019 Q2 2019 Q3 2019 Q4 2019
20 20 20 20

(*) Distribution quantity may be changed accordingly to number of mined blocks trend.

Generating balance

Do you want to contribute to decentralize Waves by helping our node to grow?

How to lease

Payment #63 Completed


Address: 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL  alias: waveslease [Reward Policy]...

Payment #62 Completed


Address: 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL  alias: waveslease [Reward Policy] -&nb...