Project: Coffee Coin

Launched In 2017, CoffeeCoin (COF) Is The World's 1st Token For Buying, Selling, Tracking & Certifying Coffee Using Distributed Ledger Technology On The Waves Platform.

Using the peer-to-peer decentralized ledger features of the Waves network, CoffeeCoin utility tokens allow us to create functions on CoffeeChain that reduce and eliminate many of the current economic, administrative and logistical inefficiencies in the specialty coffee trade, thereby increasing value and profits throughout the supply chain.

Coffee Coin ($COF) 0.00089711 $

The token can be used to purchase products from CoffeeCoin Shop.

ID on Waves.Exchange: AcrRM9STdBu5PNiFveTCbRFTS8tADhKcsbC2KBp8A4tx
Quantity: 39,997,528
MarketCap: 35,882 $

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease