Project: WavesBet

WavesBet, an online betting platform that allows people to place bets using smart contracts, is the new and revolutionary gaming platform on the WAVES blockchain.

WavesBet mission is to harness the decentralized power of smart contracts to provide a global casino platform that will bring a variety of games to our community (slots, table games, and live games) accompanied by the best gaming experience in the industry.

WavesBet smart contract-based application provides the seed to the player, which is used to deliver real-time results for games: the truly random results provided by the autonomous nodes are not under internal control.

Wavesbet ($WBET) 0.00000029 $

The WavesBet token will serve as a utility token for all WavesBet games and it is readily available for every user to earn dividends. Players can Lock in Wavesbet tokens to earn passive income every day by receiving a percentage of the commission Waves

ID on Waves.Exchange: 4vPcbA5yiwpWBVPALPGXus6fNdGEuYTpe4hAeSxM9Kj4
Quantity: 59,499,999,666
MarketCap: 17,310 $
Wavesbet ($ROYAL) 0.00000001 $

Royal Token can be staked by holding $WBET tokens in the dividends vault. Royal will be used as a second currency for users to play on our casino and will be used to stake Waves token dividends which aren’t available to stake with $WBET tokens.

ID on Waves.Exchange: 7ZYDbaujvaXLwhCWvigWdVGUXPRZpLXFpN4uLGxBm7wk
Quantity: 999,999,997,750
MarketCap: 10,775 $

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease