WAVES and Waves Lease Tokens

Our lessors receive weekly 90% of WAVES mining fees and 20 Waves Lease Token per mined block (accordingly to lease share).

Buyback & Burn: 50% MRT

50% of received MRT are used to buyback Waves Lease Tokens .

Buyback & Burn Report

Buyback & Burn: Node earnings

50% of profits investment earnings are used to buyback Waves Lease Tokens.

Investment Report

ALIAS: waveslease


Current Payment Stats and Projected Fees


HEIGHT: 1716844




WAVES: 6.05

MRT: 0.00

WLT: 800

How does it work?

You lease your Waves to our address and once a week we send you your share of the profits generated by the pool according to the amount of Waves you leased.

How much Waves I need to lend?

There is no minimum amount for leasing but obviously the more you lease, the more you make.

How much i will earn?

If you lease to our pool you will get 90% of WAVES fees and you will accumulate our token Waves Lease Token. You can hold your Waves Lease Tokens in order to receive 50% of Mine Rewards assigned to us or sell them when we put up a buyback order.

Are my Waves safe if the server is hacked?

Yes, absolutely. Your Waves never leave your wallet and you can unlease them at any time.

Average WAVES leased per payment

Mined blocks per payment

Received WAVES per payment

Received MRT per payment

Distributed WLT per payment

Payment #68 Completed

Node waveslease.com has just sent Payment #68, covering blocks 1705518-1715724 (71 blocks mined). Fees Distribution 31.78774 WAVES have been distributed 4799.36384 WLT have been distributed 21.9...

WEP-4 Voting

Dear Leasers, in few weeks the proposal WEP-4 (more details at https://forum.wavesplatform.com/t/wep-4-rev-2-block-reward-and-community-driven-monetary-policy/16411 ) will be voted. Waveslease Node w...

Payment #67 Completed

Node waveslease.com has just sent Payment #67, covering blocks 1695708-1705517 (59 blocks mined). Fees Distribution 26.45689 WAVES have been distributed 3985.17097 WLT have been distributed 15.7...

Payment #66 Completed

Address: 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL  alias: waveslease [Reward Policy] - [Investment Report] - [Buyback Report] Node waveslease.com has just sent Payment #66, covering blocks 1684994-169570...

Guess WAVES/USD Rate Dapp

Waveslease.com staff recently completed a first simple Dapp, Guess The WAVES/USD Rate. In this DAPP you need guess WAVES rate against USD at a certain future blockchain height. You can bet by specify...