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Payment #2 Completed

Published on 08/03/2018

Dear Lessors,
Payment #2 has just been posted. In this period the node mined 7 blocks and a total of 0,203 WAVES and 0,029 Wavesnode.NET were sent, with a total cost for the node of 0,211 WGO (about 0.01688$) (fees). Several things have cropped up this week that will influence the future of WAVES nodes, making them more profitable. Complaints from the node owners that forging blocks is currently a loss-making activity has triggered several actions both by the larger nodes (WAVESGO, WAVESNODE.NET) and the WAVES developers:

1. The WAVESGO and WAVESNODE.NET nodes have lowered the percentage of dividends sent to Lessors, generating several divestments and loans to smaller nodes. As a result, our stake has been increased to 134,000 WAVES;

2. The WAVES developers have found a fairer distribution algorithm that will make smaller nodes generate more blocks (the current algorithm favors the larger nodes, causing them to forge more blocks than they should). No date has been set for this release and eventual activation;

3. The WAVES developers have started to reward the nodes with 10 MRT for each forged node. Unlike the low-value tokens used to pay the transaction fees that the node receives, 1 MRT is worth $ 0.25, so from the next payment #3 the node will change its distribution logic and will send its Lessors 99% MRT and 99% of WAVES received, with the exception of those who have the promo "100% dividends for life", that will receive 100% forever.

Since the MRTs are sent to the node separately, they will be distributed proportionally to your share in the last mined block preceding the payment date. The node upto now, received 20 MRTs.

Next payment #3 is expected to run on Saturday, 24th March 2018.