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Payment #30 Completed

Published on 02/01/2019

How to win jackpot - Website - Telegram has just sent Payment #30 to lessors, for blocks 1307143 -> 1333123 (192 Blocks mined). A total of 16.14 WAVES1094.4 MRT + extra 3.63 (1) MRT to WLLT holders, 1920 WLLT has been distributed.

(1) Only 3,63 out of 364.96 MRT has been distributed due to an error in the distribution script. 361.33 MRT will be reserved for WLLT holders in payment #31.

Payment #31 will be sent on 5th January.

2018 December Extraction

After this payment, jackpot contains 3.24314 WAVES and 333.34 MRT stored in the WLLT cold wallet.

Winning number will be taken from the Oracle data transaction with basedOnBlockHeight = 1376417. In case the data transaction will not exist, the extraction will be based on the 1st transaction with basedOnBlockHeight > 1376417.

Please refer to How to win jackpot for further details.