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Payment #68 Completed

Published on 21/09/2019

Node has just sent Payment #68, covering blocks 1705518-1715724 (71 blocks mined).

Fees Distribution

  • 31.78774 WAVES have been distributed
  • 4799.36384 WLT have been distributed
  • 21.93094 WLT have been distributed as referrer/referral bonus

Buyback & Burn

A total of 12.01339 WAVES is available for weekly buyback:

  • 4.29278439 WAVES from MRT conversion (1)
  • 7.72061 WAVES from WAVES Team grant fees
  • 2322.56709 Waves Lease Token burned (WAVES Team grant)


Guess WAVES/USD rate Contest #3 has been won by address 3PPCzX2doZ7agBNuGSKqjrbdXgGEtE7CpQ3 (22.7 WAVES won). The DAPP is suspended until WEP4 votation is completed and the new node payment policy is decided.

You can decide if the vote should vote or not for WEP-4 feature (6 WAVES reward block). More informations here.


(1) WAVES HQ stopped distributing MRT this week at a certain point. The node should have received about 710 MRT but it got only 260.

Payment #69 will be sent on 28th September.

Generating balance

Lease to your node to receive constant rewards.

How to lease