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Payment #39 Completed

Published on 02/03/2019

Lease your waves to our node and strengthen WAVES network!

address: 3PGfXB5bEz7EkbtGMNUYop5aior5X6bUbvL alias: waveslease has just sent Payment #39, covering blocks 1408954-1419227 (64 blocks mined).

A total of 10.37046 WAVES have been distributed to lessors.

A total of 527.23 MRT have been distributed to lessors150.19 MRT have been distributed to WLLT holders.

1280 WLLT have been distributed to lessors.

Payment #40 will be sent on 9th March.

We remind that from payment #40, a new distribution of dividends policy will be followed. Please follow this link for more details.

Generating balance

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